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Trust & safety

Our commitment to safe, superior care. The trust and safety for our clients and their families is of the utmost importance.

Meet the Candidate

We work tirelessly to find unique, dedicated hardworking individuals with a heart for service. We carefully pick candidates who can provide quality service to clients. Our candidates come from all walks of life, speak different languages, and have different ethnic backgrounds. Some of them have amazing careers with invaluable experience but are always looking for better opportunities to sharpen their skills. We embrace every opportunity to introduce you to some awesome people that come our way.


Has a minimum of 2 years of work experience in their field.


Interviewed by a recruiter to see if they are a good match. 


Less than 10% of the applicants meet our standard.


Has at least 3 verifiable work references.


Ready at a moments notice to get the job done.


Has genuine passion for service and performs like olympian. 

Hire with confidence

Dedicated home specialist

Every person requesting service is assigned a dedicated home specialist to help them with their needs at home.

Replacement guarantee

Fill important roles quickly with no risk. We offer a 3-month replacement guarantee for all direct hires and an immediate replacement on temporary hires.

Personalized matches

Get matched with a talented professional looking for full-time and part-time opportunities.

Ongoing support

Our home specialist will stay in touch to make sure we are providing the best service and care for your family needs.

Frequently asked questions

Our candidates come from all walks of life, speak different languages, and have different ethnic backgrounds. They apply to Zomelle from different online sources and some are referred by their friends, family, and former employers who no longer need service.

Candidates are subject to a rigorous screening process in the form of interviews, references, criminal background checks, and social media checks.

Yes, candidates must clear a background check in the last 12 months: a nationwide sex offender registry check, a national criminal search for history of felonies and misdemeanors, a clean driving history (if required to drive children).
Make your home-life as carefree as possible!

Contact a home specialist