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Trust & safety

Zomelle is committed to a safe and superior service. The trust and safety of our clients and their families is of the utmost importance.

Meet your Home Hero

Home Heroes are unique, dedicated, and hardworking individuals. We carefully handpick Home Heroes with hospitality experience, paired with a warmhearted temperament, and an eagerness to serve.

Home Heroes are handpicked

We accept less than 10% of Home Hero applicants and hire them for long term. As W-2 employees — not contractors — they receive competitive pay, benefits, training, and thorough vetting.

Home Heroes love to serve

With genuine pride and passion for service, Home Heroes approach the work of caretaking like artisans in a guild — meditative in their practice and committed to quality.

Home Heroes never stop learning

Upon their acceptance to Zomelle University, Home Heroes begin with on-going training and learning to keep their skills sharp — to amaze and delight.

Service Providers

References you
can rely on

We built a curated network of trusted vendors that have been hired and reviewed by other happy clients.
  • Vetted by our team of home experts
  • Reviewed by hundreds of families
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured

We set high expectations
for our Home Heroes

Each team member is highly vetted, bonded, insured, and W-2 employed by Zomelle.


Vetted & screened

  • Personal interview.
  • Reference checked.
  • Hospitality experience.

Background checked

  • County, State & Federal records.
  • National sex offender registry.
  • Personal identity verification.
  • Work authorization for US.

Fully prepared

  • Orientation & job training.
  • Weekly coaching calls.
  • Access to reference material.
  • Ready and eager to serve.


Browse our frequently asked questions to learn more about how trust and safety works.

Home Heroes are the professional Home Assistants & Home Cleaners who come into your home to provide our services. Many have previous experience working in top-notch hotels or private homes. We only pick the best! They are experienced, trained, careful, reliable, honest, and have a heart for service! Our management team adheres to a strict hiring process, which includes reference checks, training and bonding and insurance protection. We keep a close eye on our Home Heroes and if they don’t love their job and care deeply about their performance, they don’t stick around.

Yes, Home Heroes (Home Assistants & Home Cleaners) are W-2 employees of Zomelle. They receive competitive pay, benefits, training, and thorough vetting.

Our employees come from all walks of life. They applied to Zomelle from different online sources and some are even referred by their friends and family.

Yes, Home Heroes must clear a background check: a nationwide sex offender registry check, a national criminal search for history of felonies and misdemeanors.

Using Zomelle, you’ll never have to worry about payroll taxes, insurance, benefits, workman’s compensation or reporting wages to the IRS.
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