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Selling to Zomelle

  • Offer price $200,000
  • Service fees $0
  • Closing costs $0
  • Concessions $0
  • Repairs $0
  • Net cash to seller $200,000

Traditional home sale

  • Sales price $200,000
  • Agent fees 6%
  • Closing costs 2%
  • Concessions 2%
  • Repairs TBD
  • Net cash to seller $180,000

Disclaimer: The above example is based on average seller experiences at Zomelle and is not representative of the exact fees you would pay in either selling to Zomelle directly or listing your home traditionally.

What you get with Zomelle

Selling to Zomelle

Competitive purchase offer in 24 hours.
No listing, prep work, or showings.
No repairs or upgrade costs.
No closing costs or fees.
Closing dates from 10-60 days.
Move when you want.

Traditional home sale

Risk of buyer financing fall-through.
Hours of prep work and showings.
Costly upgrades and repairs.
Up to 8% on closing fees.
Uncertain closing timeline.
Strict move out date.


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Receiving an offer on your home from Zomelle is free, and comes with absolutely no obligation to sell. To get started, click “get an offer” on the bottom of this page, and we’ll walk you through some quick questions about your home’s condition, features, and upgrades.

Your home is carefully evaluated by a team of real estate experts who specialize in your market. Using their knowledge, combined with predictive market analysis technologies, Zomelle is able to provide our clients with data-driven competitive offers.

Our team of real estate experts work hard to make sure that our initial offer is fair and a competitive market price. However, if you feel that we’ve missed something about your home that affects our offer – we want to know. Please feel free to contact your Home Specialist and we’ll be happy to re-evaluate your property.

The home values found on sites like Zillow, Trulia,, and Redfin, are determined by the site’s individual computer-generated algorithms. Those values are limited by the data that is available to them through public record. They look at the market’s history; not where it’s going.

While our offer is not intended to be an appraisal of any kind, it is a real and actionable offer and is based on careful analysis by our team of real estate experts. We take time to evaluate and understand your home’s unique features and condition in the context of the market’s inventory and future supply.

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