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Hire a great nanny for your children

They’re invested in your child’s upbringing, development, and well-being keeping your child safe and loved. Our candidates are qualified, screened, and ready to interview.
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The help you need, when you need it

Nanny care
duties include

  • Childcare help, playdates, and outings
  • Homework help and learning activities
  • Meal preparation, bath, and laundry
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A people-first approach

The nanny

We are hard-working childcare professionals who invest our energy into nurturing children. We’re responsible for the emotional, physical and intellectual growth of your child. Yes, we are attentive to what’s happening in a child’s development and will make adjustments based on the child’s needs. We are critical thinkers, problem solvers, and very anticipatory. We use our skills to do everything from cooking a nutritious meal to mediating fights between siblings.

How it works

1. Describe your needs

A home specialist will take a detailed account of your request.

2. Review your matches

We will present available prescreened candidates for consideration.

3. Connect and hire

Choose a candidate for an interview and make a job offer.

Book with confidence

We set high expectations for our nannies.

Vetted & screened

  • Personal interview
  • Reference check
  • Valid CPR certification
  • Common immunizations*

Background checked

  • County, State & Federal records
  • National sex offender registry
  • Personal identity verification
  • Work authorization for US

Fully prepared

  • Orientation & job training*
  • Ongoing coaching as needed
  • Access to reference materials

Frequently asked questions

Nannies are professional childcare specialist who provide care and love for children. Nannies are hired by familes to provide childcare in their private home. A nanny can be hired on a full-time or part-time basis.

Nannies are subject to a rigorous screening process in the form of interviews, references, criminal background checks, and social media checks.

  • At least 18 years or older.
  • Legally permitted to work in the US.
  • At least two years of experience.
  • Have verifiable work references.
  • Able to read, write and speak english.
  • Clear a criminal background screening.
  • Be CPR certified.

The duties of a nanny are generally everything that pertains to the children; preparing meals, laundry, driving children to various activities, homework help, keeping play area neat, and rooms clean.

You can expect your nanny search to take anywhere between 1 to 4 weeks. Some parents hire the first candidate they meet, while other parents prefer to interview several nanny candidates before making a hiring decision. The time it takes to find the best match will vary according to your needs, your job description, and the location of your home. Parents who require their nanny to work extended hours or take on non-child related housekeeping duties, travel to the distant suburbs for work or care for more than two children typically take longer to fill. When seeking full-time childcare we suggest that you allow 2-6 weeks to secure your childcare provider.

Typically a professional nanny will do tasks that are related to the children only like preparing light meals, laundry, cleaning up kitchen after use, errands, transporting children to and from activities. Young children need 100% of the nannies attention and assigning other tasks may jeopardize the safety of your children. To keep your child safe, we advise that your nanny focus primarily on your children.
We offer a 3-month replacement guarantee for all direct hire nanny placements and an immediate replacement on temporary nannies.

Like any successful relationship, a successful nanny and employer relationship requires mutual respect, appreciation, and give and take. Think about the following areas of your past nanny relationships and decide if you have been an employer that your nanny would want to work for.

Appreciation: We all need to hear that we are doing a good job. Thanking your nanny on a regular basis will help her know that you appreciate the care that she is providing to your family.

Compensation: One of the main reasons that nannies look for another job is salary. Do not forget to pay your nanny the expected and agreed upon amount, plus any overtime that is due. Be sure to pay your nanny on the day she is expecting her check and if remembering to pay her is a problem, ask if you can pay her via direct deposit.

Respect: Listen to your nanny’s ideas and show her you respect her experience and her relationship with your children. Establish and adhere to a work agreement, come home on time, pay her promptly, establish a review and bonus policy. Offer her fair benefits and treat her as a professional. Provide her with the type of work environment that you would like to work in. You will develop a very intimate work relationship with your nanny and like with any other relationship, your nanny may feel hurt if she feels she is taken advantage of.

The best nannies are the ones who value their jobs and get along well with all the members of their employer’s family. Most nannies chose this profession because they love working with children and their families. Nannies and parents strive to ensure that children receive high quality care. This can only be accomplished when both parties consistently work together.

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