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Lease to buy a home

A different path
to homeownership

Zomelle gives renters a way to pre-finance a new home.

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Own more, every month

Zomelle turns your monthly rent into down payment credits.

Find a home

A Home Specialist will help you find a beautiful home from our growing inventory. We require a downpayment to the purchase price, plus first month rent.

Rent up-to a year

Move in immediately, and rent while our team helps you improve your credit and finances, plus earn monthly rent credits towards the purchase price.

Buy the home

When you're fully qualified for a mortgage, use your down payment and earned credits to buy the home from Zomelle. This is homeownership made simple.

Rent today, buy tomorrow

The flexibility of renting and the long-term benefits of owning.

Lock-in purchase price
Secure your home and lock-in the purchase price until your ready to buy.
Lock-in monthly payments
Don't worry about rising rent cost, your monthly payment will be the same 20 years from now.
Relax and enjoy
Move in and live like a homeowner. Bring your pets. Paint and decorate as you see fit.
Home concierge
Access to home repair, home maintenance, and interior design services for peace of mind.
Build credits
Capture 100% of any appreciation and build earned credits with each rent payment.

Simple scenarios

Just pay rent, and buy when you're ready.

$180,000 home price
• $1,300 (monthly rent payment)
• $7,200 (4% option to buy fee)
• 12 month rental period
At the end of 12 months
• $1,800 (1% purchase credit)
• $7,200 (option to buy credit)
Earned home credit
• $180,000 (initial purchase price)
• - $9,000 (total earned credits)
• = $171,000 (new home price)

Step inside a new home

Zomelle helps renters transition into homeownership.

Why buy with Zomelle

Power up with our home buying program.

The right home for you

Finding the right home doesn't have to be complicated. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll provide a custom search for homes that match your criteria and budget.

Step by step plan

Whether you're a first time home buyer or looking to upgrade, you don't need to fret over the details. Our streamline process makes home buying easy.

A true win-win

We have a large inventory of unlisted homes direct from motivated sellers in different situations. That means these exclusive homes are available to you for the right terms.

Rethink credit

Credit is an important piece to the purchasing puzzle, but bad credit isn't the end of the road. We have programs in place to put you on the path to homeownership.

Credit optimization

Common pitfalls could be hurting your credit. Tune up your credit score with our customized blue print designed specifically for your financial situation.

Creative financing

If you've been rejected for traditional bank financing or don't have the best credit, our lease with right to purchase program has so many more options for you.


Questions? We’re here to help — ask us anything

When you work with Zomelle you will have a dedicated Home Specialist to answer your questions — no obligation necessary.

Your new home purchase is just seconds away!

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