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What we do

We have an all-inclusive network of move-in-ready rooms and suites for rent, paired with hotel-style conveniences — on a flexible month-to-month term.

Who we are

Zomelle is a real estate investment company with a social purpose. We’re raising the bar for renters and tackling two very challenging human problems of our generation — housing affordability and loneliness.

How we work

Ultimately, we partner with real estate investors to master lease their rental properties for an extended period of time. Now, let’s see how we both can benefit from working together.

Why work with Zomelle

Renting to us is more profitable, guaranteed, and stress-free.

Step by step plan

Whether you're a first time investor or a seasoned veteran, our streamlined process makes buying rental property easy.

Peach of mind

We'll sign a long-term master lease for 3-5 years — remove the hassle of renting to individual tenants, saving you time and money.

Eliminate risks

As a master tenant, we take 100% of the tenant-related risks and deal with any non-payments or tenant issues ourselves, if they occur.

Low maintenance

Unlike a regular tenant, we take care of minor maintenance issues — our in-house maintenance team will handle these requests.

O% vacancies

We are your single point of contact. Never worry about vacancies again — we pay the rent in full, every month, regardless of occupancy.

A true win-win

We help you get the most out of your investment property, putting money back in your pocket and time back in your day.

Typical investment process

You purchase the property, we'll take care of the rest.

We determine if owning rental property is right for you.
Source funds
Use cash, a bank, IRA, or a private money lender.
Make offer
We'll make the purchase offer on your behalf.
Prepare home
This may include repairs, upgrades, and furnishing.
Launch day
We begin marketing the property to our waiting list.


Browse our frequently asked questions to learn more about investing.

Timing is everything! Zomelle is typically able to add 2-3 properties to our portfolio each month. Once that quota is filled we won’t be able to take on additional investors until the next month. If a property interests you, please notify us ASAP so we can answer any questions, help you conduct your investment analysis, and place an offer on your behalf.

Next, we’ll do everything we can to negotiate the best deal for you, facilitate a rigorous inspection process, and get it closed quickly (usually in 30-45 days from the initial offer).

We focus on properties that are priced between $50K-$300K, with a typical down payment of 20% (if financing). Our investors normally pay between $20K-$60K out of pocket (if financing), including property repair costs.

Currently, Zomelle targets Class B/C single and multi-family properties in inner cities. Our investors can expect a 10-12% cash-on-cash return and an 20% total ROI (assuming zero appreciation).

With our 3-year master lease in place, these returns are insulated from nearly all variability except any unexpected repair costs that exceed the generous repair assumptions already included in these calculations.

Over the next 60 days after closing, we will work diligently to get the property ready to become a Zomelle home. This may include repairs, cosmetic upgrades, fully furnishing the home with all the essentials, zoning variances, and permits.

Additionally, we may begin marketing the property to our exclusive member/tenant waiting list. On day 61, the rent payment portion of our 38-month master lease will begin. Typically our first rental payment will coincide with the due date of your first mortgage payment (if applicable).

Investors are financially responsible for all initial property repairs and upgrades since you actually own the asset, can sell at any time, and solely benefit from any appreciation.

For your convenience, our in-house design & construction team will manage and complete the entire project, coordinate with any needed subcontractors and vendors, all while keeping you informed along the way.

You’ll receive a project quote and a detailed scope of work of needed repairs and upgrades before the project is scheduled to begin.

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