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This is Zomelle

Our mission is to simplify and improve the lives of others.

What we do

Zomelle allows renters to transition into homeownership. We give you a way to confidently secure and pre-finance a new home with the long-term benefits of owning and the flexibility of renting.

Who we are

We’re building a real estate investment company powered by technology and driven by the radical idea that people with steady jobs and healthy finances should be able to own their perfect home.

How we work

Zomelle’s intense home-life focus is essential to what we do, without it we’d be just another real estate company. We believe private investors will play an intricate role in removing housing barriers — which will enable alternative routes to homeownership.

Zomelle comes with a
range of advantages

Access other home-related resources to make your life easier.

Service Crew

Subscribe to subscription home repair and home maintenance. It covers the costs of breakdowns and helps prevent common problems from happening.

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Design Studio

Interior design services for your home. We'll help you create a home tailored to your style, budget, and needs. A truly great living experience is made in the details.

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A brief history

Zomelle opened for business in 2012 as a full-service home staffing agency. After seven years in business and the many different client requests for household services, we learned what it takes to simplify life at home.

Today, Zomelle has a suite of tools to help everyone create their perfect home.

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